Whiteboard Animation Video

Give A New Twist To Your Message With Whiteboard Animation Videos

Whiteboard animation videos are a very popular variant of explainer videos. They utilize a whiteboard and pen to give a nostalgic classroom feel without the boredom of a teacher.


Consisting of animated drawings and colors, it redefines digital education and acts as a powerful medium to build multi-faceted awareness strategies for brands. Whiteboard animations leverage story-telling to provide users with the information they need to understand a company’s services, products, or industry-specific content for awareness.


Whiteboard animation services offered by BuzzFlick have helped brands develop powerful narratives about their brands by providing them an entirely new perspective on their video collateral. Whiteboard videos are a great sensory experience with both audio and visual cues packaged together for creative engagement and a visual experience that helps drive up conversions through brand-related information.

What Makes Whiteboard Animation Videos Engaging?

Bold use of on-spot image drawing allows for a clear visual representation of your message that is both direct and enjoyable. You can use these animated pens for your brand too and create a story right in front of your audience for better engagement.


Whiteboard animation videos are designed to get your audience in the learning mindset. Through them, you can start raising awareness from the very get go and they won’t forget a word about your brand!


We are one of the best whiteboard animation makers in the USA at the moment, because not just we have dedicated talent in this regard but also an impressive portfolio of client work done over the years in this specific domain.

Frequently Asked Questions

You asked us, and we Answered

Our clients give us a concept brief that guides our creative team to create a compelling script to drive home your 2D animation video’s message.
Storyboarding helps our 2D video animators design the structure, flow, and sequence of your video, with the help of visual elements that we create.
Animation involves the binding together of different visual elements, adding motion graphics to them, and applying the voice over, to bring your video to life.
Final touch ups and quality assurances are now in order. One our team has completed the check, your video is ready to make a buzz for your brand.

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Click here to view our company profile and let the experts help you grow with a Buzz.

Click here to view our company profile and let the experts help you grow with a Buzz.