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GoodFirms’ Interview with Digital Bakerz CEO Reveals Their Comprehensive Video Production Services

Digital Bakerz is a creative animation studio specializing in creating 2D, 3D, and whiteboard animations, motion graphics, typography, and logo animations. Their skilled team of animators and designers employ cutting-edge technology to bring their clients’ concepts to life with breathtaking and attention-grabbing animations.

GoodFirms – the world’s leading review and rating firm- interviewed Mubeen Ahmed, the CEO of Digital Bakerz, to delve into his service offerings and his plans for positioning his company.
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Inception Story

Mubeen Ahmed is the CEO of Digital Bakerz, who founded the company in 2016 and has built a team of 25 dedicated professionals who consistently exceeded the expectations of their clients over the past seven years.

Headquartered in Karachi, Pakistan, Digital Bakerz is a company that especially offers “Explainer Video” services to its clients. It also strives to provide services as a trusted partner to clients, managing any technology-related challenges they may face.

Mubeen told GoodFirms how the idea for this business was conceived many years ago.

Digital Bakerz’s Business Model

Mubeen said, “We are a full-service video production company.” He also spoke about the diverse team at Digital Bakerz — comprised of more than 20 full-time experts from explainer animators to project managers and a creative director to sales and marketing specialists.”

They also recommend a number of vendors in case their clients require additional services, such as web and software development, branding services, and media planning.

How Digital Bakerz Stands Out?

When asked to describe how Digital Bakerz differentiates itself from the competition?
He answered:

Services Offered

Mubeen said the company provides a wide range of videos, animation, and production services, including,

Support Provided to Clients

Customer service is of utmost importance to Digital Bakerz. They feel that every customer of their company deserves it. From answering calls and queries quickly to providing a convenient, creative, and comprehensive service.

Mubeen said, “We have a step-by-step process for every video type we work on. By doing so, we are able to progress each project quickly and comprehensively and maintain the highest level of quality throughout the process.”
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Minimum Budget, Scope, and Affordability

When asked about the minimum budget, the CEO said, “we do not have a minimum budget requirement; we always consider the potential of the project prior to making a decision. Clients have signed up for quick fixes and grown into major international projects, so we do not measure by scope.”

In the end, while concluding the interview, the CEO shared his insight about how he sees the growth of Digital Bakerz in the next ten years. He said, “We live in an environment that is too dynamic for me to forecast something for a decade at a time, but I have the ability to speak about our current aspirations.”

The detailed interview is available on GoodFirms.

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