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Like all of us, consumers too don’t like much of the ads they see. Only some of the hundreds of ads that a person comes across each day can manage to break in to the user’s attention and leave an impact. And if you want your ad to be among those, then your best bet lies with getting an ad placed through the video format.


Videos ads are engaging and much more apt at driving a message, something which other conventional ad mediums like banners and side posters fail to accomplish most of the time. For any vertical in the digital space, video ads is the best way to not just drive maximum user engagement but also to power a much more consistent lead funnel. Video ads are definitely the next big thing and we can make one that does the job for you.

Explainer Video Production That Suits All Digital Conversion Funnels

In today’s marketing landscape, explainer videos are much more than just landing page videos. Yes, their purpose of communicating how exactly does your brand, service or product solves a certain issue the user is facing in a visually engaging manner remains the same, their applicability and reach have diversified over the years.

Now, explainer video production is being used to engage audiences on multiple digital platforms ranging from websites to social media ads. And brands that are not leveraging the reach of explainer videos, are losing out big time.

This is where we can help. As a modern age explainer video production company, we can help you create the right kind of explainer videos to suit different kinds of marketing goals.

If you too want to leverage the awesomeness we can create for you, then let us know about the purpose you have in mind for your explainer video. We’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Simplify Complex Concepts Through A 2D Explainer Video

Have you ever come across 2D animated videos that explain confusing concepts involving things like corporate jargon with simplicity and in a few minutes? They’re catchy and they help you understand the crux of the subject. That’s what an explainer video is all about.


A 2D explainer video is all about telling brand stories. The basic idea behind them is to get the message out about your brand, services, or products. It takes a complex idea and delivers it to your target audience in a fun and engaging way that’s easy to digest. 2D Explainer videos are more than just about their content. It’s important to make them memorable. 2D Explainer videos deliver a visual experience that sticks in a viewer’s memory. This helps in pushing your story out in the real world for better awareness and better returns.

What Makes 2D Explainer Videos Work?

Animated Explainer Videos package complex business concepts in a creative manner for easier consumption. They are adept at providing value to your customers, driving up awareness and traffic.


Explainer Videos act as a catalyst to guide consumers towards the next step in their consumer journey. This clear understanding of the business or products helps them make decision easily.


Is your business looking to provide a solution to your target market’s problems? A 2D explainer video can be your partner in showcasing why your solution is the best. And that’s why animated explainer videos are being used all across the industry to drum up business revenue.

Motion Graphics Projects, Done Right!

The first step is pretty simple; let us know what you want. The more details you can provide about
your video concept, the better.

Our clients give us a concept brief that guides our creative team to create a compelling script to drive home your 2D animation video’s message.
Storyboarding helps our 2D video animators design the structure, flow, and sequence of your video, with the help of visual elements that we create.
Animation involves the binding together of different visual elements, adding motion graphics to them, and applying the voice over, to bring your video to life.
Final touch ups and quality assurances are now in order. One our team has completed the check, your video is ready to make a buzz for your brand.

Explainer Videos That Buzz

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Click here to view our company profile and let the experts help you grow with a Buzz.

Click here to view our company profile and let the experts help you grow with a Buzz.

Click here to view our company profile and let the experts help you grow with a Buzz.